Thursday, 9 December 2010

I am Floyd, Reindeer stand in!

Do you see my twin... his name is Joseph!

Me and daddy

Me & daddy again

 This is an out-take.. how did this get in here?!

Me and Joseph again 

More biscuits!

Can you see my whiskers... I mean beard! 

The best one of all

Happy Christmas everyone :)

Monday, 22 November 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates, my writer is very lazy.

I want to tell you about my bear. He is a blue bear and he has been with me for a long time, since I was a little puppy! He is a very good bear, he has had his moments of losing stuffing but hu-mum has made sure to look after him for me. Blue bear is nameless, but a fun bear. He squeaks, he is soft and a good size for me to snuggle with, I can drool and he doesn't mind!
The bear himself

Here is me and bear snuggling 

Me and Bear chewing some paper
Me and Bear snoring it out

Like I said, he's a good bear.

Luff Floyd x

P.S Did I tell you that we have fish? The humans have closed the living room door at night so I don't pee on the floor - they think the noise of the water makes me need a pee. I have yet to really see the fish, but I have smelled and tried to steal their food - it smells good. 

Again, Luff x

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Something in the garden..

This morning I was woken by a noise in the garden. I wasn't quite sure what it was but as the brave guard dog I am, I ran into the hall and alerted the humans. They didn't get up too quickly but eventually my hu-sis opened her door.

Hu-sis: What is it Floyd?

Me: There's something outside! 

Hu-sis: What is it?

Me: Theres something in the garden!

Hu-sis: Ok, let me check. 

Me: *stands behind hu-sis* You see it!?

Hu-sis: Nope. I don't see anything. 

I manage to get hu-sis to come downstairs with me and we look through the big doors in the living room. 

Me looking out
She still doesn't see it and sits down to watch tv, maybe hu-mum and dad will see it so I run up the stairs to wake them. 

Whinnneeeee, bark woof woof.

Hu-mum: What is it Floyd?

Me: Mum! You're alive! There's something outside! Where's dad? *runs into bedroom and jumps on bed* Oh dad you're okay too! There's something outside, you have to see it.

Me and Hu-mum go down the stairs, I show her the garden but she doesn't see anything either. She pets my head and says I'm silly, she doesn't believe me!

Me and mum looking 

Dad sleeps late and he's missed everything by the time he gets up, I'm still sure there was something out there. I think it was a monster bird, I'm keeping my eyes open for it but who knows when it'll come back... I hope it doesn't.

Luff Floyd x

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Hello :)


I'm Floyd a rescue dog from Edinburgh, now living in the Scottish Borders. I moved around several centres as a puppy but ended up at a behavioural centre which is now a kennel and cattery. I was adopted out several times over a few years but always ended up back at the centre, that was until my forever humans arrived! They were sent photos of me and then travelled almost 120 miles to meet me! I couldn't believe it, I was so excited when they arrived I ran and chased my friend Tara around. They were a little scared as I was really big but we went for a walk and it was decided that I was going home with them. In the car I sat in the back with my hu-sis, she was really scared and ended up switching places with my mummy who cuddled with me all the way home. Once we got there and I got free rein of the house, I ran around like a crazy doggy up and down the stairs, round all the rooms the back garden! Best of all I found SO MANY beds, I wasn't sure which was mine so I tried them all until I found one in the spare room - I felt spoiled as it was a double bed all for me and my toys. Anyway, that was 3 years ago and guess what... I'm still here and I have grown into an even bigger puppy (both age and weight wise)!

Well thats my story, I hope I speak to you all soon,

Luff Floyd xx

Me on my second day home, look how skinny I am!

A photo of me from one of my previous owners, I was a puppy! Well sort of.